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Plastic turnover box is not only economical but also environmentally friendly.
- Nov 15, 2018 -

After the implementation of the National Plastic restriction order, the quality of the plastic turnover boxes has been greatly improved compared with the plastic boxes manufactured before. The production process of plastic turnover box is different from that of other plastic products. Its production process is more complicated. The use of plastic turnover box is mainly used for logistics consignment. If collision occurs during transportation, the loss caused by the scattering of items in the plastic turnover box is not worth paying. Therefore, in the production of plastic turnover boxes, the first priority of our manufacturers is to grasp the quality and improve the number of recycling plastic turnover boxes.

It is widely used in logistics, catering and food, and even in the clothing industry. The unit price of plastic weekly packing is not high, and there is a certain limit on its service life. The raw materials of the product itself will affect its service life. Whether the size of the articles matches or not in the use process will also affect its service life.

There are many different specifications of plastic turnover boxes, such as various goods transported in the logistics industry. If the size of the boxes used is too small, they will support the boxes or squeeze out the goods. Too big boxes will occupy extra place in transportation. Therefore, when choosing the size, it must be used together, so as to prolong the service life of the plastic turnover box.