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Plastic pallets make rational use of storehouse surface for cargo collection and distribution analysis.
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Plastic pallets rationally utilize the warehouse plane to analyze the goods collection and distribution, so as to improve the efficiency of computer 

management. This paper analyzes the key technologies in the material storage management business process, so as to define the data

pouring in the stock management. Establish the layout label of the storage rate field. Number the buildings, warehouses, areas and other 

warehouses with permanent engineering drawing numbers. Number these facilities to indicate the storage location of the materials. 

The plastic pallet manufacturer establishes the actual floor plan of each warehouse or outdoor storage site, 

showing the specific division of the total area of the warehouse or outdoor storage site. The zones can be used as storage, delivery and 

receiving areas, as well as working passage 

inventory or lounge and office. The storage area can be further divided into bulk material storage area, small batch material storage area, 

medium batch material storage area and so on. Along the circumjacent lines of the container squares, the numbers are shown from the bottom 

to the top, from left to right. If it is necessary to re-label each area and each warehouse area in the order from left to right, the vertical and 

horizontal labels should be identical in all storage areas. Each similar warehouse or outdoor storage site for plastic pallets shall have the same

 number of squares in the same location. It is necessary to mark the number of squares for the storage of non-stored materials and keep them

for use in case of storage changes. The transportation is smooth when the material is guaranteed. The number of squares used as a channel

 should be marked on the floor plan. Note the use as a channel for computer simulation of on-site transport to prevent congestion and 

congestion in the process of material transport. Once the storage location is changed, the new layout of the required grid is ready-made, and 

will not disturb the original number. In addition to the above storage location marks, the vertical storage location of plastic pallets also needs to

 be marked. Such labels are required for each rack of container rack, pallet shelf or similar storage equipment. In order to facilitate 

transportation dispatch, all kinds of parking spaces should be marked in every ten yards or outdoor storage yards. A computer database model

 for material arrival, shutdown, unloading, transportation and storage is established. Determine the principle of material storage the same 

materials are stored together as much as possible, fast turnover materials should be stored in accessible areas, plastic pallets to shorten the 

material handling equipment and material extraction personnel working distance. Containers and scattered materials should be located near 

the packaging and operation areas. Plastic pallets not only affect the distribution of storage sites, but also affect the location of storage 

materials. Storage of large or heavy goods should be as close as possible to the packaging, reception or delivery area, with less handling