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plastic box Cargo handling requirements
- Sep 27, 2018 -

1. The loading and unloading personnel must master the division of the warehouse area of the company and the specific function of each area.

2. each customer should leave a gap or other noticeable signs to avoid confusion.

3. Operators and loading and unloading personnel must master the routine maintenance, correct use and management of all kinds of handling and unloading equipment in the warehouse.

4. The company's forklift drivers must be able to carry out routine maintenance and troubleshooting forklift trucks; loading and unloading personnel must understand the structure of various types of trolleys, maintenance and use.

5. Forklift truck operations, there must be personnel command and assistance, other personnel must not be on the sidelines, pay special attention to the safety of personnel and goods, do not damage the unloaded goods and adjacent goods, to ensure that goods stacked and placed neatly and smoothly.

6. When using various types of trolleys, the loading and unloading personnel shall not force the trolley into the bottom of the stack when loading the goods. In principle, assistance should be provided from the side to ensure the integrity of the packaging of the goods at the bottom of the stack; unloading of the trolley should not be done by throwing or kicking the goods in place quickly.