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New and old plastic turnover box differentiation method
- Jul 31, 2018 -

With the development of China's industrial and agricultural enterprises, the scale of logistics and distribution has grown steadily, which has promoted the rapid development of China's plastic turnover box industry. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of plastic products, and some enterprises sell them to customers through the old plastic containers. Below Weihai Ducheng Plastic Co., Ltd. teaches you how to distinguish between new and old plastic containers.

First, look at its shape.

Since the hot and cold shrinkage rate of the raw material (PE/PP) of the plastic turnover box is a fixed parameter, the turnover box of the new material will shrink to the middle and both sides will sag. Therefore, the turnover is slightly lower than the sides of the upper basket and slightly lower. Although each company has some different control over shrinkage, it is not completely impossible to shrink the injection molded parts like large ones. If the plastic crates you purchase are very flat and completely undeformed, then you should consider that it is not true. New plastic crates.

Second, smell its taste

If the heating is not plastic, or if you smell some normal plastic, then it is basically a new plastic container. If there are some other odors or irritating smells, it is definitely not a new plastic container.

Third, check its color

The completely new material of the turnover box seems to be more transparent from the gloss point of view. If you add another nozzle material, recycled material, filler, can be seen from the surface, such as: black spots, or spots or plaques of other colors.

The old plastic turnover box has insufficient carrying capacity, especially for some export enterprises. Due to its poor toughness, the goods arrive at the destination after the goods, and the goods may be damaged due to the turnover of the turnover box when the cabinet is moved.