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Loading and unloading palsstic pallet safety operation specification
- Sep 25, 2018 -

1. When unloading and opening the door, slowly try to open the door, in case the door opens too fast and the goods suddenly fall and hurt people.

2. When forklift truck operation, it is necessary to be assisted and directed at the same time, while the side of the loading and unloading operation personnel should always pay attention to avoid;

3. Loaders and unloaders should pay attention to the stability of the stack when stacking is high. If they need to add more cargo to the stack, they should help to complete, so as to prevent the cargo from falling down or causing the stack to dump and injure people.

4. The stevedores should not be too close to the higher stacks or to the unsafe goods when they rest on duty.

5. when climbing the work, it is more prudent to prevent falling and falling.

6. Choose suitable tools and adopt correct loading and unloading technology according to material performance, shape and working environment;

7. do a good job in coordination between machinery and machinery, between machinery and manpower, and work safely.

8. Manpower handling of larger cargo should pay attention to the risk of cracks, collapse, the use of crowbar removal is not easy to move, not by hand, foot removal, should be from the top to the bottom of the ladder-type palletizing layer removal, forbidden to dig, prevent collapse;

9. finish the homework.