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How to distinguish the quality of hollow plate
- Oct 09, 2018 -

1. The color of the hollow board, the quality of the hollow board bright and shiny color, and the same color of the hollow board color uniform, no color difference. Take the hollow board to a good light spot, and if you find the color is dark, or white gray, the raw material for making the hollow board may be problematic.

2. Hollow board density, generally the greater the density of the board his quality will be better, take the same size of two days hollow board were placed in the left and right hands, upside down, feel the weight of the quality is relatively better.

3. The physical properties of the hollow plate, take a small plate and fold it by hand. The tough plate is of better quality, and the hard, brittle, easy to break and too soft are not very good.

The above three methods are used to judge the quality of hollow plate simply and roughly. To analyze the quality of hollow plate accurately, we can contact us. We have professional testing equipment, and we can get accurate data to judge the quality of hollow plate.