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High quality PP hollow board factory
- Feb 16, 2019 -

High bonding strength. It can be freely combined with various EVA, EPE and flannel by glue, tape, rivet, flat wire and so on.

Fruit and vegetable box: It can be made into small hollow fruit box, keep fresh water, low cost, ensure the safety of fruit during transportation and storage, and can be used in various configurations to prevent being transported during the journey. Crushed.
Environmentally-friendly hollow crate is strictly forbidden to be exposed to the outdoor open air for a long time, so that the plate will become brittle and break down for a long time.

Matters needing attention when processing PP plastic hollow board
PP plastic hollow board is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material with long service life, which is 4-10 times longer than the life of corrugated board. It can be recycled and widely used in logistics packaging industry. In order to ensure the quality of PP hollow board, we are What should I pay attention to when processing it?