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Five characteristics of plastic turnover box in design
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Seemingly ordinary plastic turnover box in fact has great characteristics in design, let's talk about its five characteristics.

Feature 1: The bottom of the plastic turnover box is designed with edges, which can be stuck on the bottom of the box, so that the box will not sway back and forth when it falls.

Characteristic 2: The reinforcing bars are designed around and at the bottom of the plastic turnover box. The density of reinforcing bars in each box is different. The design of reinforcing ribs increases the firmness of the plastic turnover box, which makes the box more durable and harder to deform.

Characteristic 3: Before processing, the color of plastic turnover box can be changed into different colors by toner, which makes the product more colorful and not as single as carton.

Features four: plastic turnover box is resistant to acid and alkali, waterproof and moisture proof, easy to clean, and has a very wide range of uses.

Features 5: Plastic turnover box can withstand low temperature and high temperature, which are not the characteristics of other turnover boxes.