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Selection of double faced and single sides of plastic pallets
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Plastic pallet double face and single face selection method: according to what kind of loading and

unloading equipment, or automatic warehouse, pallet shelves, stacking, placing and other storage

status to determine whether to use one-sided or two-sided. For small area of high shelves, to

vertical delivery of the main occasions, mainly forklift loading and unloading, so, both sides,

one side can be. For large square cargo yard, horizontal transportation is the main occasion, if

the use of manual pallet truck is one-sided, if the use of self-propelled motor pallet truck is

used below the notched tray. There are palletizers for multi-stage stacking occasions, the bottom

of the pallet and the upper part of the lower goods overlap, with a small clearance below the two

sides of the specifications of pallets better. Plastic tray features and advantages: plastic tray

appearance neat, easy to clean and disinfect plastic tray without nails and thorns, in the

packaging process will not be accidentally damaged goods plastic tray acid and alkali resistance,

corrosion resistance, can be used in a variety of special occasions, non-toxic and tasteless

plastic tray, conducive to the improvement of the warehouse environment, not to goods, especially

food There are no fumigation of contaminated plastic trays, reduce the export formalities of

goods, speed up the turnover of funds plastic trays do not support combustion, no static

electricity sparks, on the warehouse fire protection has a certain role in damaged plastic trays

can be recycled, processed can be used as other raw materials plastic trays long service life,

generally 2-3 turnover wood trays The rational use of plastic pallets can achieve 4-5 times the

advantages: 1. Plastic pallets environmental conservation: plastic pallets instead of wood,

recyclable, resource-saving, in line with national environmental protection requirements, in the

long run, cost-effective, economical. 2. Plastic tray ultra-light integrated structure: Forklift

plastic industry according to the plastic tray mold professional design and implementation of

ultra-light and integrated structure, reasonable design, smooth appearance, beautiful, practical,

easy to enterprise interior, workshop warehouse storage and field management. 3. Superior

durability and durability of plastic pallets: In terms of impact resistance and durability,

plastic injection pallets and blow-molded pallets of forklift trucks have incomparable advantages

over wooden pallets, with long service life, generally 9-10 times that of wooden pallets. 4.

Standardized manufacture of plastic pallets: Forklift pallets are manufactured with advanced

technology and equipment. The standard sizes and weights of plastic pallets meet international,

national and industrial standards. At the same time, they can be manufactured according to

customer requirements to meet their enterprise standards. 5. Use method of plastic pallet:

Forklift truck pallet adopts four-way fork, pallet use space flexible, so that the warehouse space

is the most flexible. 6. Cleaning and sanitation of plastic tray: because plastic tray is water

resistant, rust-resistant, non-toxic and odorless, easy to clean and disinfect, clean and

sanitary, not like wooden tray like rotten hair, germ propagation and other issues. 7. Superior

safety of plastic pallets: because the connection parts do not use metal accessories, no nails, no

thorns, no damage to the loaded products; Forklift pallets with rubber anti-skid pads, forklift

truck operation greatly enhanced the anti-skid of goods; At the same time, anti-static, non

combustion, safety, fire and explosion-proof. 8. Plastic tray heat-resistant, cold-resistant, acid

and alkali-resistant: forklift tray in the Plastic pallets are used in a wide range of fields:

food, medicine, chemicals, fertilizers, tobacco, automobile, glass industry, printing, electronic

appliances, textiles, clothing, supermarkets, warehousing and logistics, sanitation, and so on,

that is, large warehouses, automated three-dimensional warehouses or cargo operation of the place

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