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Comparison of different types of plastic pallets and why RFID tags are used
- Jul 31, 2018 -

The turnover box manufacturer Wuxi Julong plasticized, in addition to the main product turnover box, there are some other products, such as plastic trays. Therefore, if you want to fully understand all the products on the website, then you can not miss the plastic tray. Therefore, based on this requirement, the plastic pallet will be introduced below, so that everyone can also learn the content and broaden their knowledge.

1. Is the grid tray and flat tray in the plastic tray comparable?

This problem, because it is a professional problem, so below, will be plasticized by the turnover box manufacturer Wuxi Julong, to give a specific answer.

Grid trays and flat trays in plastic trays are not comparable because they have their own advantages and scope. Moreover, from the current point of view, these two plastic trays can be used in some cases. Therefore, the above conclusion can be drawn.

2. In terms of wooden pallets and plastic pallets, can they be compared?

Wooden pallets and plastic pallets, which are two common types of pallets, which can be compared in large aspects. According to the introduction of Wuxi Julong Plasticization, the manufacturer of the towing box, mainly the following, is:

Service life: The wooden pallet is 5 years, and the quality of the wood is used, and the plastic tray can be used for 10 years.

Impact: The wooden pallet should basically avoid falling. If there is impact, it will affect the normal use of the pallet or cause damage. The plastic tray, in the case of rigidity and strength, can withstand certain impacts.

3. Plastic pallets, different production processes, will it affect the product? Also, is the plastic tray to be equipped with an RFID tag?

These two questions, the specific answer given by the turnover box manufacturer Wuxi Julong Plasticization, is:

Plastic pallets, which have different production processes, such as injection molding and blow molding, have a great influence on the products, mainly in terms of product size and performance. It is necessary to install RFID tags on plastic pallets, which can facilitate the management of pallets.