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Choose a plastic turnover box to master three points
- Jul 31, 2018 -

There are many types and models of plastic turnover boxes, and the prices are also very different. When you select several plastic crates that meet the packaging and transportation requirements, such as appearance and specifications, the lowest price is the most cost-effective? To choose a cost-effective plastic crates, you need to master the following three points:

First of all, to understand the material and service life of the plastic turnover box. The plastic turnover box can be recycled for a long time, and is mainly used for the turnover transportation of products of various industries, and its service life directly affects the logistics cost. In the same use environment, the main factors affecting the service life of plastic boxes are their materials and materials. The material of the plastic box is very important. The plastic container of PP material is not recommended. It will become brittle and easy to break in low temperature environment. PE material plastic box has good toughness and is suitable for high and low temperature environment. It is durable, safe, environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.

Second, pay attention to its structure and performance. Compared with the ordinary logistics box, the plastic turnover box is mainly different in structural design, and does not affect its firmness and service life. It can be used to save space when not in use, which helps to improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs. Ducheng Plastics has deep research and development capabilities, and continuously improves products and improves its performance according to customer feedback. It has a good brand image and reputation in the industry.

In addition, timely and thoughtful service and perfect after-sales protection. Ducheng Plastics provides customers with a full range of services such as consultation, follow-up and after-sales services on-line and on-call. Perfect after-sales service is the confidence of a company in its own products and is also a guarantee for the interests of its customers.