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The main application of polypropylene plate sheet at present
- Sep 05, 2018 -

1.plastic partition

Transportation is one of the industries that USES the most hollow plates. This is mainly because the hollow plate is waterproof, not easily affected by moisture, corrosion resistance, shock resistance and other functions. In addition to the bottle holder, there is also a variety of different specifications of the hollow plate knife card separator. With the hollow plate partition, it can play a blocking role to prevent the goods from collision and scratch. In addition, the partition blocks the products layer by layer, achieving the purpose of layer by layer protection.

2. polypropylene plate sheet turnover box

The polypropylene plate sheet can be made into various turnover boxes according to the specific product needs of customers, so as to store various tools or goods. At present, the turnover boxes we produce can not only be used in the transportation industry, but also can be used in the storage industry, which can help people store hardware appliances, electronic parts, precision machinery and so on.

3. Backing board

The hollow plate bottle holder is a common hollow plate product. At present, it is used in various industries of transport. It can fix the products to be transported firmly on it, and can reduce the product bumps in the transportation, and prevent the product from being damaged, especially various glass and ceramic products.

4. advertising board for polypropylene plate sheet

Hollow board outdoor advertising board, billboard in the advertising industry has a greater advantage. Because hollow board is light, moistureproof, board surface is smooth, board surface can do electrostatic treatment and flame retardant treatment. Especially suitable for the advertising industry (screen printing, mounted painting, inkjet) and other printing methods.

Because of the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free performance of the hollow plate has been widely developed and applied, gradually occupied the main market share of the packaging market, great market potential!

5.anti-static polypropylene plate sheet

It's mainly used to produce more electrostatic workshop, take the system barrier, isolating parking, packaging items, household decorate, also can put in anti-static turnover box and anti-static corrugated board turnover box do interlayer, and anti-static corrugated board can be made into hollow board turnover box, electronics electronic store and transport all kinds of electrical appliances, from collision damage and release the electrostatic charges and Ming. The turnover box can be designed and manufactured according to the size of the parts of electronic products to achieve the most reasonable loading, and multiple boxes can be overlapped to effectively use plant space and increase the storage of parts.